The holiday season means many different things to many different people. For some, it’s time to wish one another a Merry Christmas and for others a Happy Hanukkah. Some folks simply relish the chance to get a few days of work sipping eggnog and of course a select few try their hardest to avoid the whole season altogether.

For us over here at The Broke Backpacker though, the holidays always mean it’s time to check out this year’s REI sale and top up our travel and outdoor gear collections and if you’re reading this, then perhaps it means the same to you too eh?

This year, the REI Holiday Warm Up Sale runs from 12th December until 19th December 2022. In this post we have handpicked some of the best items featured in the sale. We’ve looked at boots, jackets, tents and more.

PS – before going any further take a moment to note that some item prices do vary by location and that once a sale item is gone it is gone, so try to get online or down to your nearest REI as soon as possible.


Stormhenge Down Hybrid Jacket

  • RRP > $259
  • Sale Price > $181.39

Actik Core Headlamp

  • RRP > $74.95
  • Sale Price > $56.19

Hestra Gloves

  • RRP > $150
  • Sale Price > $119.99

REI Ground Breaker Fleece

  • RRP > $49.95
  • Sale Price > $34.89

Lucky Bums Recycled Sled

  • RRP > $35
  • Sale Price > $26.19

Why We Love REI

REI is one of North America’s largest retailers of outdoor and travel gear (and in our opinion, the best). They now operate and run an impressive 165 stores in 39 different states.  Originally formed in 1938 by a group of outdoor enthusiasts, the noble REI mission is simply to connect the great American public with the great American outdoors.

They stock gear from big name well known, International outdoor brands such as Osprey, Patagonia and Arc’teryx and also make a helluva LOT of excellent, affordable gear under their own REI Co-Op brand banner.

In particular this is one of the things we absolutely love about REI – by making quality, reasonably priced outdoor, hiking and camping gear they are making the outdoors accessible to those of us who simply can’t afford $200 for a tent.

And this sale makes quality outdoor and travel gear even cheaper with insane, giveaway reductions on some choice items. But don’t take our word for it, head over to the sale to find out for yourself.

The Best Items In The REI Holiday Warm Up Sale 2022

We have looked over the REI sale in its entirety. While there are far too many great, high quality and reasonably priced items on offer, we have handpicked these as our personal top 10 recommendations.

Stormhenge Down Hybrid Jacket

Stormhenge Down Hybrid Jacket

RRP – $259

Sale Price – $181.39

As we all know all too well, winter can be a seriously cold season. However, the Scandanavians (who pretty much live in perpetual winter) like to say that “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” which essentially means that we can deal with any weather as long as we have the right gear.

Well, the Stormehenge Down Hybrid Jacket mixes all of the warmth (and comfort) that we love in a Down Jacket as well as some waterproofing meaning it’s a jacket you can wear all winter long. 

Actik Core Headlamp


RRP – $74.95

Sale Price – $56.19

Headlamps have long been established as an indispensable item for camping, hiking and backpacking. Whether you need to find something inside your tent in the night, follow a hiking trail after dark, or deal with one of India’s daily power cuts, tossing a headlamp into a backpack is a tried and true hack.

And as far as headlamps go, this is by far one of the best on the market. It has 3 lighting levels, a seriously powerful beam of up to 600 lumens and a very impressive battery life. Normally, the price tag of $75 puts some outdoor enthusiasts off buying it but with a 30% slashed of the price, this is THE time to get it in your stash.

Hestra Gloves

Hestra Gloves

RRP – $150

Sale Price – $119.99

One of the many things we love about REI is that as well as offering “everyman”, multi purpose travel gear they also boast an impressive array of more specialist gear too. 

The Hestra Gloves made from Army Leather are an excellent pair for skiing and other snowsports. They provide warmth, waterproofing and resilience all in a fairly priced pair of gloves.

REI Ground Breaker Fleece

REI Ground Breaker Fleece

RRP – $49.95

Sale Price – $34.89

One way to stay warm this winter is to get your layers on. Fleece jackets are a fantastic piece as they can be used a mid layer under a (preferably waterproof) coat or as a stand alone piece on dry days.

The Groundbreaker fleece jacket 2.0 from REI is now upgraded with a trimmer fit and finer fleece is a piece of gear you’ll want to use every day. In terms of features, its  plush, durable and light. While handy for winter, the  2.0 fleece is comfortable year-round. Finally, the shoulder seams are rolled forward to prevent chafing under pack straps,  zip hand pockets secure your valuables and stretch binding at cuffs and waist keep cold out, warmth in, cold out.

Lucky Bums Recycled Sled

Lucky Bums Recycled Sled

RRP – $35

Sale Price – $26.19

Nothing says Christmas quite like sledging right? Indeed, the ubiquitous star of multiple Christmas songs, the humble sledge has come to epitomise the season of goodwill.

This one  holds 1 rider and has built-in handles to hold onto as you cruise down the snowy hill. 

Obviously a sled makes an awesome gift for a child and this is built for children and a 35 in. long and has a maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs, probably won’t take your holiday weight. Still there are big kid sized ones included in the sale too so why not treat yourself? 

Gerber Suspension NXT Multi Tool

Gerber Suspension NXT Multi Tool

RRP – $42.95

Sale Price – $32.19

Nothing is worse than being deep in the backcountry and realizing you need to quick fix another piece of your gear. Or even worse, settling into camp and realizing you don’t have a bottle opener for that beer you just hauled around all day. 

The Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool can easily slip into your pocket and features a locking blade, pliers, and screwdriver, just to name a few of its 10 included tools. Coming in around 6.7 ounces, you won’t even notice you brought it along, but you can bet you’ll be happy you have this little thing when you need it.

Peak Filter Life Straw

Peak Filter Life Straw

RRP – $19.95

Sale Price – $14.89

Safe drinking water isn’t always guaranteed when you’re out and about exploring… well, nothing is really guaranteed I suppose, but clean drinking water could be. The new Peak Filter from Life Straw can bring some peace of mind to your travels, and excitement to drink from lakes and streams with no worries. The Peak Filter can also filter water at a rate of 3 litres per minute, saving tons of time when compared to gravity filters and chlorine dioxide pills. 

Life Straws Peak Filter also has an unlimited shelf life as well, so one less thing to worry about when scrambling around this holiday season. It’s always better the be safer than sorry, and sorry in this scenario means no water so.. your move.

Groundbreaker Rain Jacket 2.0

Groundbreaker Rain Jacket 2.0

RRP – $69.95

Sale Price – $48.8

Listen I’m not going to tell you how to dress yourself, but you would look great pairing this Groundbreaker Rain Jacket with REI Groundbreaker Fleece previously mentioned. Not to mention, the jacket itself looks great, making it the perfect choice for raining days on the trail or through city streets. 

Nothing is worse than being cold and wet when you’re out and about, so why not be warm and dry if possible? If you’re in the market for a new rain jacket, you can’t go wrong with this option. And the best part you ask? It’s made using bluesign-approved materials, meaning you can fight off the elements with a jacket built with sustainability first.

Hunker Down 20 Sleeping Bag

Hunker Down 20 Sleeping Bag

RRP – $199.95

Sale Price – $139.29

You really can’t beat a good nights rest after a long day out, and the HunkerDown is just the bag for the job. This model comes in a rectangular shape, opposed to a mummy bag, and it friendly for those sleepers looking for a little extra leg room and ability to move around more. Usually this type of movement comes at a cost, both weight and size wise, but at less than 4 lbs and down filled, it’s pretty comparable to lighter bags on the market.

Also the bags color is described as baked earth, and features a stash pocket inside for storing small items.. don’t worry REI design team, we’re picking up what you’re putting down.

Camp Chef Everest X2 HP Stove

Camp Chef Everest X2 HP Stove

RRP – $190

Sale Price – $142.49

Words could never adequetly describe how great a hot meal is while out camping in the cold, and this stove makes it easy. Able to pump out 20,000 BTU’s of heat combined with the built-in windscreen, you’ll be able to fire this thing up in any conditions and get dinner going. This stove also features appliance-style temperature controls, allowing you to do anything from a low simmer to a rolling boil.

Camp Chef makes some of the most durable and portable stoves out there. Trust me, I bought one back in 2018 and it’s still going as strong as ever, despite me dropping it and tring my damn near best to break this thing.

Darn Tough Hiking Socks

Darn Tough Light Hiker Quarter Lightweight Hiking Socks

I will be honest, when I first came across the Darn Tough sock range my initial reaction was “What? $20 plus for a pair of socks!?” But then I tried them for myself and will never wear lesser socks again.

Darn Tough socks are like a warm bath of hugs for your feet, they are soft, ergonomic and offer either excellent warmth or breathability depending on which pair you go for. The full product range is impressive and they make socks for both summer and winter hiking as well as some snow ready specialities. In particular, we recommend the Women’s Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Socks which are included in the sale (while stocks last).

So, rather than buying somebody a pair of novelty Christmas socks (a joke which will last a day), treat them to a pair of Darn Tough and change the way they see socks forevermore.

A Few Words on REI Membership

REI is operated as a cooperative which means it is owned and run by its members (customers and workers). Profits are either reinvested or else channelled into some excellent non-profit initiatives that help to protest and preseer the outdoors.

And you too can become a lifelong member of the REI Co Op simply by buying yourself a $20 membership card.

As well as supporting REI, the card entitles you to savings on all purchases, access to the REI gear rental service, access to the bike shops and member forums.

You can find out more about the benefits of REI membership here, or simply hit the button below to sign up now.

Final Thoughts On The REI Holiday Warm Up Sale 2022

Whether you are in the market for a new hunting knife, a pair of boots  or backpack, we do hope you found this post helpful. More important though, we sincerely hope you are excited for the holidays.

Remember, the REI Winter Warm Up sale is huge and features 1000’s of items offered at vast reductions. So basically, why not get down to your nearest REI or simply click the button below and check it out for yourself.

Happy holidays all.

Bye for now, but not forever!

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